Indigenous Perspectives Society

Indigenous Perspectives Society is a charitable and not-for-profit social enterprise that offers training programs and services that help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, cultural differences, and the need for self-determination.

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Maternal Child and Family Health

First Nations Health Authority aims to support the health and wellness of infants and children through the strong involvement of parents and family. This includes children learning traditional cultural, language and skills. It is this family and cultural base – along with such factors as good healthcare, early learning programs and food security – that will lead to long-term school and economic success for children. It will also lead to individuals who can become outstanding community members and leaders. 


Indigenous Youth Wellness

The Cuystwi (cwoo wheesh twee) program evolved from conversations with First Nations in northern British Columbia about their concerns regarding youth suicide. It was suggested that if youth could have a platform to explore their identities and cultures as Indigenous peoples, as well as understand colonization and how the on-going cumulative impacts affect our people and families, that they may have a stronger foundation to depend on when encountering difficult periods in their lives. The Cuystwi quests emphasize themes of identity, culture, understanding colonization, tools to deal with racism, healthy relationships, sexual health, and an invitation to become a young warrior. The quests have an on-line component meant to introduce topics to be facilitated to Indigenous youth by youth workers, health workers, and educators within existing community programming.


Inclusive Foster Resource for Caregivers

Practical and easy steps to get started with learning about Indigenous culture and developing a child's cultural identity.